• Working with Troy has really opened up my eyes to the possibilities that we have as new entrepreneurs. As a millennial I realized real early that working for myself was the key to my financial success and security. However, nobody teaches you how to do it. Troy has opened up my eyes to the endless potential growth that is possible as an entrepreneur today. From apps to online training to creating my own merchandise his insight has helped me understand that the only limit to my success is how much I want to create.

    Jason Celotto J Fitness Training
  • Troy is a great fellow entrepreneur, ,mentor, and musician. He really understands what it takes to shift your way of thinking when it comes to life, business, and overall mental well being. His music specifically has helped me transform my way of thinking in tough times. If you are looking for a great way to make a change look no further. You are in the right place.

    Sarah Nolan Vibrant Life Natural Healing Founder
  • Troy has really been an encouraging voice in our entrepreneurial journey. He has helped us take the leap into creating our own business. His advice, guidance and ideas have really helped us avoid many of the new entrepreneurial traps that many new business owners fall into. His guidance has been a big gift to us!

    Charlie and Aronika Young New Entreprneurs
  • Troy has really helped me understand some of the intricacies of the online marketing world. Things like getting listed in Google maps locally and understanding the world of SEO (Search Engine Marketing) have really helped me grow my business presence online. Having an online presence is a real game changer.

    Maleaque Washington BBF LIFE Coaching

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