Meet Alibaba And The 40 Million…. Well…

Thoughtful Thursday!

Well it’s not thievery it’s just knowledge. Watch the video!

One of the things that we are going to talk about is understanding Amazon FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon and e-commerce for small businesses as well. FBA has been going on for years and I didn’t believe it was real until. I had a 2269.67 dollar month with Merch By Amazon. See the image below.

So what we haven’t been taught is how powerful this internet thing is.

Over the next couple of months we are going to open your mind to the possibilities. WE are also going to start throwing our proverbial hats into the ring by starting our own possible e-commerce revenue streams and getting our own feet wet.  Step one point…..whatever it is. Is…..

Read or listen to this book! It’s on Audible so you can listen as you drive around or while you cook dinner at home.

Also if you are a over achiever read this one as well.

Talk to you soon!