Your Kid Isn’t Unmotivated Your Kid Is An Obedient Entrepreneur

“I can’t figure out how to motivate my kid. Any other parents experiencing this with their teenager?” – Parent In Facebook Group “My son seems unmotivated. He […]

The Best Things In Life Are NOT Free!

The best things in life are free. (At least that’s what they told you.) In the age of free downloads and free ebooks and free online courses […]

Dad Factors Part 2

The Dad Factor (Part 2) (Top 6 How To Tips To Raising Happy High Achieving Children) Welcome back to part 2. I can’t wait to share this […]

My Son Interviewed KOBE BRYANT!!!

On Monday my son Moses and I will start our Youth Basketball Podcast Up again and our first interview is with KOBE BRYANT! Hoopchalk (On Itunes, Stitcher […]

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