Hi, I’m Troy…

First I want to say Thank YOU! for even taking the time to read this. It means a lot to me that you are here and it is my mission to make every piece of content valuable to you! I have spent a lot of my life figuring things out on my own and to be honest I think that that is absolutely RIDICULOUS!

The world has been around for millions of years and the fact that anyone would have to “Figure It Out.” on their own is the dumbest shit ever. So with that being said, EVERYTHING that I know I will share with you. I don’t know everything, but everything that I know will be laid out somewhere in the content of this website. My mission is to eliminate the saying “I didn’t have anyone around to help me or teach me or show me.” I remember hearing those exact words from a mentor of mine and I thought. How insane is it that in a world of such connectivity that anyone with internet access would ever be able to say that. Then I thought I want to eliminate that saying.

My mission is to help you skip overcome  some of the road blocks that I encountered as an Kid, as and Adult, A Musician, A Businessman, A Broadway Performer, and Father. My mission is to eliminate the saying, “I didn’t have anyone around to help me.”

This website and all of the writings, blog posts, vlog entries, products and programs are focused on helping you figure it out! You are not alone! Let’s rock this!

Looking for answers to some of those life questions?

Want to know how to follow your dreams and build a better future?

Send me an email my friend and let’s make this life AWESOME!

Professional Bio

Father, Musician,  and Entrepreneur Troy Horne has been very fortunate throughout his life and career. Troy has starred in the Broadway show RENT, he has been featured on NBC’s The Sing Off, and the ION Networks Firebrand TV. He has also toured the world with his former band The House Jacks singing for audiences in The US, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and The Netherlands, and early in his career he was fortunate enough to record and perform alongside the likes of Ivan Neville and Steve Miller with his then rock band “Moses”.

Troy has also written music for the film Thug Angel – A Tupac Shakur Documentary, appeared on Starsearch, and written music for former NFL Champion and Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy’s book Uncommon.

Most recently Troy has started a business with his wife to teach others how to navigate the entertainment industry and have grown that business into a successful educational venture going from 0 – Multiple 6 figures. In addition to that the program’s students have landed roles in major productions like Netflix Original “Fuller House”, Dreamworks – Despicable Me 3, countless commercials, films and stage plays.

He has also helped business grow with his understanding of web design and online marketing. His greatest pride and sense of accomplishment comes in helping his children reach their goals and dreams. His son Moses has a successful basketball career, website and podcast and he is currently building the same with his youngest son Silas for his gaming career.

I look forward to helping you find the short cut towards your goals and dreams. You are not alone! – Troy Horne