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Your Kid Isn’t Unmotivated Your Kid Is An Obedient Entrepreneur

Written by on June 10, 2019

“I can’t figure out how to motivate my kid. Any other parents experiencing this with their teenager?” – Parent In Facebook Group

“My son seems unmotivated. He goes to work and then comes home and just watches television. How can I motivate him to live life?” – Parent On An Online Forum

These are just a couple of the posts that I have seen from parents about their pre-teen and adult children. It kinda makes me sad for the kiddos. It makes me even sadder for the parents, because they truly want more for their kids and don’t know how to help them. You see, unfortunately most parents have been unknowingly taught to squash the dreams of of their own little Kyle Jenner or Steve Jobs and now they are wondering where their excited kid has gone. (Click here to join me on our free how to motivate your obedient kid entrepreneur webinar.) Don’t know what I mean? Keep reading!

The issue isn’t that their kids are unmotivated or lazy. The issue is that their kids are obedient entrepreneurs. The hidden issue is that their children can see the limitless possibilities that are available to them but they don’t want to disobey their parents. So instead of going after their reachable new economy dreams they stop trying. They give up. They un-motivate. #prettysad

Today’s kids are growing up in a world of limitless possibilities. In their world they are witnessing kids just like them turning their passions into successful YouTube careers, Musical careers, Gaming careers, Makeup Artists careers and Online Influencer careers. They see them building successful passion based businesses online just by being themselves and it’s happening every day!

My 7 year old introduced me to a YouTuber named @Infinitelists the other day. Infinite comments on videos. He is giving his take on videos and making more than most adults! He’s really good at what he does and he is really funny, but the point is he is making a GREAT living just by being himself. Take a look at the estimated monthly and yearly earnings!

Meanwhile, most parents are telling their kids to abandon their passion and get a real job. After looking at the numbers that infinite is generating just by being himself, getting a “real job” sounds pretty un-motivating. However, because they are good kids, these obedient Steve Job types do what they are told.

The gift that Steve had was that he was disobedient. There are countless stories about his defiance. He went after his dream despite being told that he was being unrealistic. Kids these days, despite what we think, seek parental approval more than we did back in our day. They don’t have a modern day Will Smith singing “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” So dream firmly buried they appear to the untrained parental eye as unmotivated when in fact what you have on your hands is an obedient entrepreneur.

The biggest question is how do you know if you have an obedient entrepreneur in your house?

4 Traits Of An Obedient Entrepreneur

  1. Your kid use to have big dreams and crazy ideas, but stopped sharing them with you.
  1. Your Kid Watches YouTube more than she breathes. #ha
  1. Your Kid talks to you in really long, overly animated and detailed sentences about some YouTuber’s video, really niche Netflix show or some other topic that you have no interest in hearing about because it is so niche that you can’t even follow the story or way of thinking. (See what I did there? J )
  1. Your kid, who knows more than anyone should ever know about a subject or niche, has a small group of friends who do too. 

If this sounds like your youngster you have an obedient entrepreneur on your hands. You have a young person who, with the correct guidance and your support, could be on a pathway to an extraordinary passion filled life and career. You know the kind of life most people only dream of.

The bigger question is how do you help them?

Thanks to the internet what was once unrealistic is more realistic than the real world stuff. It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to help them reach this goal in the new economy. Your world didn’t prepare you for this. Our schools and university didn’t have a how to make money online doing what you love class. Our teachers didn’t even know that this was online world was coming, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s here.

Do you know the name of the global giant company that actually grew during the great depression? Well, your kids have an opportunity to create their own recession and depression proof company just like this one. However, they are going to need your help. In the information age the sky is truly the limit. If you want to help your kiddo find their motivation again and live a passion filled economically rewarding life.

Come join us on Sunday! I am going to show you how I am already doing this very thing with my obedient entrepreneur kids and how the new economy is not only supporting their dreams, but helping me go after my dream of spending more time with them. This stuff can help your whole family reach their life goals. This means yours as well.

Click here to register for the free webinar and learn how you can help your kid build a recession and depression proof passion based business like the global giant I was talking about earlier. Disney was the giant. More on that in the webinar.

The Empire did strike back, but now it’s time for the Return of the Dadi! See you Sunday!

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