My Son Interviewed KOBE BRYANT!!!

Written by on March 1, 2019

On Monday my son Moses and I will start our Youth Basketball Podcast Up again and our first interview is with KOBE BRYANT!

Hoopchalk (On Itunes, Stitcher and Google Music) has really served us on our basketball journey and it has been really cool to learn how the world of youth basketball really works. However, that is not why I am writing you today on what I would like to call Fearless Friday.

This week something surreal happened. My son was able to interview KOBE “Freakin” BRYANT on our podcast. That was really cool. The funny thing about interviewing someone like that is that you realize that they are no different from you and me.

They have hopes. They have fears and they have desires. The difference is that they achieve greatness despite their fears and because of their desires. Most people don’t achieve their greatness because of their fears. It was quite eye opening to see. On this Fearless Friday I would like to share with you some of the things that we learned from interviewing Kobe Bryant.

What we learned when my son (Moses) interviewed Kobe Bryant. I hope that it helps you on your journey.

Lessons Learned From The Kobe Interview.

  1. In the beginning of your journey towards your greatness you have to be super focused. Sometimes super focused will be interpreted as selfish and that is OK. #stayfocused Despite your detractors and there will be many.
  2. Keep it simple. The basics still work best. There will always be a fancy tool or a new short cut or a new social media platform, but at the end of the day you can’t outwork the work. Keep it simple and do the work.
  3. Mentors are important. Wether virtual or in person mentors are important. If you can find a mentor get a mentor. The best way to gain a mentor is to offer that mentor something for his/her time and mentorship. Maybe it’s money. Paying your mentor is actually a good thing. Maybe it’s helping them reach their goals in exchange for mentorship. (Like an NBA Championship Ring) Mentorship should be a two way street.
  4. When you reach your goal then and only then is it time to reach back. If you reach back while you reach up you risk losing your ability to help those who you want to help the most. “The door is made only for you.” Lisa Nichols
  5. Acceptance is the opposite of greatness. If the world accepts you and your drive towards your goals you are heading towards mediocrity and away from your goal. Greatness is always met with great resistance. “Get you some haters.” – Grant Cardone

In other words your mission is your mission alone. It is your calling to make sure that you deliver your message and gift to the world. So be about your work and get focused.

  • -The riddle, for many, is how to deliver your gift and your message to as many people as possible.
  • -The answer to the riddle is to work so hard that they laugh at you and try to deny you. Keep working until they congratulate you and call you the greatest of all time. (You can’t have the latter without the former)

Are you willing?

Next Friday I will share our Moses and Kobe Bryant episode. He (Kobe) has a really cool announcement. You can go here now if you would like to subscribe to our podcast and be updated when the episode comes out.

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