The Reclamation Of President’s Day! #DADSTYLE

Written by on February 18, 2019

If You want to read this on the website you can click the image, but if no…here it is! The Reclamation of President’s day! – by me. 🙂
Today is President’s day. Today we celebrate the president’s who helped make this country what it is today! It should be a day of celebration, and for many it will be, but American holidays are always an interesting paradox. Today more than ever they stand awkwardly in the light and in the fact that most American holidays were not designed for all of the American people. Even as a kid I remember thinking that 90% of the presidents that we “celebrate” as creators or founders of this great country on president’s day would never fight for the rights of me or my ancestors. History has shown that they actually didn’t.

Interesting Side-Note:

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was strategically reworded to exclude people of color (men and women)? The document now reads… “…they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”
According to Patrick Spero of The American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia in the original Jeffersonian draft of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote…
“…they are endowed by their creator with INHERENT and unalienable rights.”
Inherent and unalienable rights as worded in the original document meant that all people were born with these rights. The original congress changed the wording to exclude the word inherent so that slaves and people of color couldn’t argue that they were born with the same writes as those who wrote the law.
So in essence the rights to freedom, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, were written purposefully to exclude people of color. The early American search for and declaration of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness didn’t include me.
Don’t take my word for it. Here he is saying himself:
So even though I will gladly take part in the sales that will be held this weekend I am pretty sure that the rest of the day will be just another day off. (Well not actually because I still work on our businesses because I love working on my businesses. #entrepreneur #nodaysoff #iwantitthatway
That being said, I would like to offer a reclamation of the day.

The Reclamation of President’s Day!

Indigenous People’s day was reclaimed for the people that actually discovered America. (I mean how can you discover something that was already discovered.)
So, In honor of those excluded from freedom and independence that should be inherent to all residents in our country, I am claiming President’s day for the dads out there who want to claim life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for their families. From today forward today will be known as Present-dad’s day!
The first step of Present-dad’s day is declaring that as dad’s we will look for ways to sustain our families without dependence on someone else or some any other entity. There is an amazing level of independence that comes when you don’t have to report to some boss or employer in order to feed your family. There is an amazing amount of liberty and freedom that happens when you realize that your families sustenance and sustainability is 100% under your control.
Today we work towards making that our future reality. Today on the first annual Present-dad’s day we start our stroll down financial self-reliance lane. It won’t be easy, but we can do it!
Here are the steps that I encourage you to embrace on your journey towards your financial independence/time freedom life! I have created a digital cheat sheet download for you if you would like to go deeper, but here are the bullet points that have served me on our journey towards our 6 figure dream business and all of it’s little spin offs.
1. Change Your Mindset
2. Take Responsibility For Everything
3. Become The Best In The World At What You Do
4. Be Patient
5. Give More Than You Get
6. Change Your Environment
7. Take Massive Action
If you want to read more about how to start your entrepreneurial journey click here to download your free “How to Start Your 6 Figure Business in 2019 Cheat Sheet”It’s a good resource for the first steps of your self reliance journey! Click here:
Now whether you download it or not let me bring one final thought to your attention.
100% of our former president’s were entrepreneurs. 100%! Not one of them left their 9 to five to become president. So if your mission is to truly be presidential or as we now say Present-dad-ial, take the leap into entrepreneurship this year.
Don’t let another day go by. Life is too short. Here’s to your journey towards your dream life filled with, more life, more liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Happy President’s /Present-dad’s day!