The Best Degree For An Entrepreneur Is…

Written by on September 23, 2017

What is the Best Degree For An Entrepreneur?

3 Out of the Top 5 Richest People on Earth Left College Without a Degree. Let that sink in for a minute. If you are anything like me the “If they can do it so can I” thought is a part of your everyday. Don’t be discouraged. You are not alone. When I was growing up EVERYONE told me that the most important thing was getting your degree and they were partially right. Education is very important, but not the formal kind of education that they were talking about. However, as a kid and even as a young adult I didn’t know any better so off to school I went. I was on the “right track” and all of my teachers and elders were happy! I was doing the “right thing”

I had one more year to complete before college graduation, but it seemed like I was just doing time. I didn’t really know what was next and no one seemed to know what happens after you graduate. It was just the usual “you’ll figure it out” thing and even as a young adult that didn’t seem to sit right with me. My inner voice kept saying,

“After graduation I’ll have this degree and then what?”

I wanted to be a professional musician, which is pretty much an entrepreneur on steroids, and I had no idea how a music degree would help me do that.  Still everyone told me that I needed to have a “fall back plan” and I was young and dumb so I listened. (Sound familiar) That was until Chad (name has been changed to protect the innocent) came back to school. I will never forget showing up for my junior year and being surprised to see him walking down the halls of our music department.

You see my friend (Chad) was a couple of years ahead of me and had graduated during my freshman year. I had really looked up to him while he was at school because this guy could do it all, he was an excellent musician, student, and all around cool guy.  He kind of ruled the music department. You can imagine my surprise in seeing him in the halls of our school after seeing him graduate a couple of years earlier. I remember smiling and running up to him, like many of the other students did as he walked through the halls. After the crowd cleared I remember asking him what he was doing back. What he told me next changed my life forever.

Quick question, have you been told the same that you have to have a degree to be successful? Have you bought into the greatest scam ever? If you are an entrepreneur your probably wondering what is the best degree for an entrepreneur and I’m here to tell you that it’s no degree! You see the scam that says a degree is the answer to your financial woes? Well let me share with you some insight that has recently hit me like a semi truck. Three out of the top 5 wealthiest, most successful entrepreneurs on the planet left college without a degree. I repeat…

Three of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet didn’t have a degree when they set out to make their fortunes.

The Best Degree For An Entreprneur

So What Is A College Degree To An Entrepreneur?

If you are asking yourself what is the best degree for an entrepreneur then you are asking the wrong question. Here is what I would suggest you ask.

  • What are the best online programs that I can purchase to help me skip some of the entrepreneurial hurdles that are going to come my way?
  • What skills am I afraid of learning but know that I need to learn in order to be successful?
  • How well do I know my market?
  • How well do I know my customer/avatar?
  • Do people currently buy my product or service?
  • Is there a whole in the market for what I provide?
  • What is the best way to test my idea or product in my niche market?
  • Once I am successful do I know how I will scale my business?

The answers to these questions are more valuable than any degree when it comes to entrepreneurship. Learn the answers to these questions and start your entrepreneurial journey today. It’s a long and crazy road, but knowing the answers to these questions will save you a lot of time and help you avoid a lot of roadblocks.

So what did Chad Say?

The hall cleared and Chad and I stood there for a moment. I asked him the following question. “Hey Chad you graduated. Why did you come back?”

He said to me. “I came back because I couldn’t find a job in music. All of the music teacher jobs for elementary and middle school were taken and in order to teach at a high school or college I needed to have a higher level degree.” he continued with

“The funny thing is that I was using music teaching as my fall back plan while I pursued writing my own music.”

His fall back plan didn’t work. He had gone through all of the right channels and done all of the right things and his fall back plan had failed. It was then that I knew that I wasn’t going to finish college. At the end of my junior year I headed out to California to pursue my dream as a musician (or an entrepreneur on steroids) and I haven’t looked back sense.

(Because I took the leap I was able to Travel the World with my music, Get signed to a record deal, Tour with Steve Miller, Star in RENT on Broadway, Perform on National TV and so much more including starting a multiple 6 figure business with my wife.)

What’s the best degree for an entrepreneur in my opinion?



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