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Written by on January 9, 2017

You can’t spend 5 minutes online without seeing a top 5… article. Do you know why that is? Well, it’s because those articles get a lot of reader attention! I know..”DUH” but stick with me for a second. People flock to those articles in droves looking for “The answer” to life’s questions.

The peak your interest with titles like. The top 5 ways to avoid this…The three traits that people who are successful haveThe top 7 things you should be doing right now… all of these are designed to grab your attention and they do well because everyone is looking for “The Answer”.

Do you know what the biggest problem is in pretty much anything that you seek? The biggest problem is looking in the wrong places. If you can find it on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter and it has to do with creating life change or answers to the secrets of life you are probably in the wrong place. You should be reading the answers to those life-directing questions on a blog or something…


No, but on a serious note. Everyone is looking for “The Answer”. The truth is that you already have the answer inside of your own mind. I want you to notice that you only read the articles that speak to what you are already “in search of” a person not in search of a job isn’t going to read an article about the “Top 5 ways to improve your resume” or “3 Interview no nos” A person who has a successful love life is not going to read an article titled “The top 5 ways to know that he’s the one” Why? Because you internally don’t need that “answer.”

Here is the kicker. You won’t find answers to your life question or questions from outside of yourself. How do I know that you ask? Well, think about this, do you ever ask someone’s advice only to have them give it to you and then you say, “Thanks, but that’s not it.” to their suggestion?

How do you know that their answer is not the correct one? I mean after all what you are doing isn’t working so why are we often so quick to discard another suggestion. How do we know that that’s not the answer. It’s because your internal answer elf is telling you so. So here is my question. Why not just ask your internal self in the first place? It’s because you have been taught that some authority or all knowing person out there has the answer. Want to know how to start asking and trusting your inner voice? Well, try this.

Step 1

  • Identify the problem 

    What is the problem that you are looking to solve? Do you even want to solve it? These are some great questions to start off with. I know that it’s not popular to say this, but a lot of people just find comfort in complaining about the “problem”. So ask yourself…is it more important for you to fix the problem or do you find comfort in complaining about the problem. No judgement here. I just want you to analyze the/your actual situation. If you actually want to fix the problem after you identify exactly what it is. Then move to step 2. If you find that simply complaining about the problem is serving your needs then relish in the fact that you know what the problem is. Win-Win.

Step 2

  • Clear out your mind clutter

    If you are struggling with big problem the best way to start fixing it is to get still. Your inner elf loves to whisper. She talks very quietly and to hear her you will need to be still and listen. Often times I will turn my phone off and power off my computer and any other ringing or dinging electronic devices and just sit. Sometimes I’ll even meditate, but definitely sit for 30 minutes or so. For me it usually takes about 10 minutes for the brain to stop freaking out and get to the good stuff.

 Step 3

  • Take Action

    I’m not going to overcomplicate this. (I hope.) Write down your desired outcome and reverse engineer it. Mentally walk backwards from your dream life or goal achievement and once you get back to where you are now start moving forward with new action steps. Set little goal posts along the way and celebrate when you reach them. This is a great way to stay motivated and to continue to stay in action towards your goal.

Now go within and ask yourself for the answers to your life question or life questions.  You are going to love the answers.

Love you all,


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