Merry Christmas To Me! Top 3 Tips…

Written by on December 25, 2016

Do you remember when Christmas was just about you?

Do you remember that brief moment in time when the only person that you really had to worry about during the holiday season was yourself? Maybe you went home for Christmas empty handed and because you were just out of school that was what was expected of you. Maybe you were just a kid and your only job was to wake up Christmas morning and open presents or maybe you were single and the only person that you had to worry about was yourself. Do you remember that time in your life now?

Now, I know that some of you are thinking…”Christmas was never just about me”, but I am going to challenge you to be honest with yourself. If you look back on your life you will remember that there was at least one time in your life wether it was when you were a kid or in college or during your single years or all three.that your only obligation during this merry time was you and only you, and you probably did it up that Christmas. Well, during your Merry Christmas To Me season in life you probably took some time to really spoil yourself. Let’s do that again!

So why are we talking about this “Merry Christmas To ME Stuff” you ask?

It’s because I want to challenge you to bring that feeling and that dedication that you used to give to yourself back into your life this Christmas and every Christmas going forward. I am going to challenge you to reintroduce that “Merry Christmas to me” part of your holiday season back into your life. We spend so much time focusing on others that often times we forget that we also need to replenish and refill our own emotional cups. Many times not filling our own emotional cups will  lead to a feeling of a lack of appreciation or internal frustration. The perfect remedy to this is to make sure that you fill your own emotional cup by taking time to honor yourself. Making sure that your emotional cup is filled can lead to holiday bliss for everyone. So, how do you do that? How do you fill your own emotional cup during the holiday season and throughout the year? Here my top 3 tips on how to give yourself many great emotionally replenishing “Merry Christmas To ME” moments.

Tip #1: Do one thing everyday that makes you happy.

  • If you are anything like me you have things that you want to do during your days that you don’t do either because when you were a kid your mom said don’t have too much of this or that it will have this negative effect. For me it was “Don’t have too much sugar it will give you cavities.” Now we all know that this is true however, giving yourself a little of what you want everyday is great for your spirit. A Merry Christmas to Me practice that involves tip number one would be allowing yourself daily enjoyment of something that you would normally deny yourself. Prolonged denial of a desired craving can lead to frustration and resentment. You are an adult now. Trust yourself to self regulate and also allow yourself to self-indulge. You only live once.

Tip #2: Turn off the judgment voice. 

  • Many of us walk around with the judgment voice in heavy rotation. It may be the voice of an former teacher, parent or relative or all three. It is such a part of our mental programming that we never turn it off. Practice for tip #2 requires identifying that voice and taking a moment to turn it off. For instance if you hear that judgement voice starting to queue up it’s favorite track “You didn’t do this right because…” then you simply hit pause on the playlist. I like to replace it with something that I like to call a self-gratitude moment. As you are allowing yourself to indulge in tip#1 tell yourself how good or even great you are at one thing. Just one! Spend five minutes congratulating yourself on that one thing that you do well while you are enjoying tip# 1 in combination with tip# 2. Hey you can even do it in conjunction with tip# 3!

Tip #3:  Schedule your Merry Christmas to me moments.

  • Many “Merry Christmas Too Me” moments will never happen because most people don’t schedule them. Life is a bit crazy and if you don’t schedule important moments you leave it up to the life gods to make sure that “it” happens. Their first interest is not your life and your life breaks. Their first interest is to fill every waking moment with some kind of emergency or event. (Trust me on this one.) So the best thing for you to do is to make sure that your “Merry Christmas To Me” celebrations and celebration times are upheld. The best way to do that is to schedule it. Write it down and keep your appointment with yourself!

Stay Awesome and take action!

Love you,


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