How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!

Written by on December 10, 2015

Happy New Year! What a wonderful time to be alive on the planet. We are living in a time that our grandparents couldn’t have even dreamed about. We can reach out to anyone at anytime on any part of the globe with a small device that fits into our pocket. I read somewhere that the computers on our cell phones are more powerful than the computers that where used to launch the first space shuttle. If we ever were the masters of our fate we truly are that now. So let’s address the elephant in the room. Our New Year’s Resolutions:

Much of the global population has a newly established New Year’s resolution and according to the University of Scranton research on the subject only 8% of people who declare a new years resolution will actually ever achieve it. That means that 92% of those who set out on their journey towards their New Year’s resolutions will fail. (I’m good at that math thingy. 🙂 No but seriously, why do so many people fail at achieving their goals, specifically their New years goals? Is it because they set their sites too high? Maybe. Is it because they don’t have an accountability partner or mentor? Maybe. Or maybe it is because they don’t write their goals down? All of these are possibilities, but I think that the one thing that is never really talked about is the WHY associated with most New Year’s Resolutions. I believe that most resolutions fail because people don’t know how to find their big WHY. Let’s work together briefly to find your big WHY.

Now we can’t cover everything in detail in a short blog post, but by the end of this post you will be in good shape. Are you ready? Let’s go!:


STEP 1: Decide exactly what your goal or resolution is. 

I know this sounds simple, but many people do not take the time to do this and one of those people could be you sitting there with your “I have my resolution” hat on. What I mean by step one is being very specific with your goal or resolution. If say your goal is to lose weight, you should know exactly how much you plan to lose and the exact date that you plan to lose it buy.  Deciding exactly what your goal or resolution is requires knowing all of the specifics that go with having a goal or resolution. (Do you have one?)

Step 2: Ask Why do you want to achieve this goal.

Many people start with the first answer to the “Why do I want to achieve this goal question. The first answer is the little why. Typically it takes 3-4 why questions to get to the big why. So ask yourself or have a friend ask you why do you want to achieve your goal a minimum of 3 times. At that point you will find yourself closer to your big why. It should/will go something like this.

Friend: What is your New Years’ resolution.

You: I want to have make more money.

Friend: Why?

You: Because I want to pay off all of my debts.

Friend Why?

You: So that I can have more money available to me.

Friend: Why

You: So that I can do more things for my children.

Start with three and if you don’t feel like you have dug deep enough have your friend or loved one keep asking why until you find your big WHY. Trust me when you find it you will know. Your heart will tell you.

Step 3: Have that friend and two other people who you care about become your accountability partner.

There is nothing like saying that you are going to do something and then having to tell three or four people that you are not going to do it anymore. The last and final step is to have 3-4 accountability partners. Hey, if you need an extra one know that I am here for you. Just send me an email and we can go from there.

There you have it. The best way to find your big why and reach your goals. Now if you are serious about reaching your goal get started. Take action and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you all.

I hope that this helps. Love you!



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