10 Steps To Change Your Life!

Written by on December 10, 2015

10 Easy Steps To Change Your Life

This article is probably going to ruffle some feathers and push some people out of their comfort zone, but let me ask you this. How comfortable is your comfort zone really? I once read that only 1 out of every 3 Americans is actually happy with their life and that 70% of employees are unhappy with the work that they do. I think that it might be time to redefine the meaning of comfort.

For instance, did you know that Employee’s on average spend about 13 hours per week tending to their email and their endless list of “things to do”. Top that with meetings that seem pointless and varied interruptions and you have a recipe for a need for change. If your life is in need of some changes, here are 10 easy steps to take to make those changes.

1. Create Your Own Success

You and only you can create your own success. Only you know what you want and desire to do. Whether you want to start your own business or write a novel you can start small and work your way up to your goal. Start small! Small wins and small steps = Big goals accomplished.

2. Picture Yourself Successful

If you can visualize your own success, you can live it and find it. Remember when you reached a goal that you’d long sought and you were so proud? Now picture yourself feeling that proud for the goal that you set up for yourself above. Work toward your goal and you’ll soon find that you’ve achieved it.

3. No One Is Entitled

I don’t care what you were taught when you were a kid. No one is going to be successful just because they know the mayor or president. You’ll have to meet the right people and make the right contacts to be successful. Success won’t just fall into your lap. Be willing to work for what you want. Be willing to pay the price for your success.

4. Start Small And Work Up To Big

Little steps can lead to bigger steps until you’ve accomplished your goal. Start small and build up your momentum and you’ll be closer to your goal all that much sooner. Remember, small victories will lead you to great successes.

5. Be Consistent

Instead of trying to start at the top, focus on a preset amount of time each and every day until you reach your goal. Just work on consistency and you’ll attain it. This is why number four is so important. If you take small steps being consistent is so much easier.

6. Set Your Priorities

Set your priorities before you get going. Make a list and cross some of those tasks off your list as quickly as you can and you’ll feel the momentum. It works very well and will help you to stay focused.

7. Never Be Afraid To Delegate

You can’t do it all so get your delegations skills in order and begin delegating. Sometimes you have to let go of some of the smaller tasks in order to achieve the larger tasks. There are not enough hours in the day for you to do it all. If you can delegate it to someone else you can maximize your effectiveness. Sites like Fiverr.com and Upwork are great for delegating on t budget.

8. Collaborate

When you collaborate and work together you begin to gather the data all that much more quickly. It’s amazing how collaboration can put you at the head all that much faster.

9. Get Motivated

If you’re not motivated you’ll never get there. Read motivational quotes and stay motivated to reach your goal. Set up an environment where you’ll feel motivated to achieve your goals. It will help you to reach them more quickly.

10. Set Time For The Tasks And Save Some For Tomorrow

If you feel like you’re juggling, perhaps you have too many things going on at one time. Set a few aside for another day. You could also set a goal to work for a preset amount of time on each task each day.

I hope that this has helped you and that these 10 easy steps will change your life. There is only one way to find out. Go out and implement them on a daily basis.

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