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About Troy

Troy Horne is a world-class musician and author of the Posi Award winning album I AM. Troy is a Broadway performer who has starred in the Broadway show RENT, been featured on NBC’s The Sing Off and the ION Networks Firebrand TV. Troy has created music for the film Thug Angel – A Tupac Shakur Documentary, appeared on Starsearch, and…

"Your music gives me so much energy! It really helps me when I am feeling down."

− Ahmed

"I’m just really excited about and inspired by what you’re up to musically and consciousness-wise."

− Deborah

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You become what you think about. You become what you think about with emotion and intention. Music is one of the major keys to your success and possibly to your failure. Despite what many would have you believe your music is one of the strongest emotion creating, life programming tools currently dictating how you see, feel, and create the world around you. Join our tribe and learn how to use music to create the life you desire.

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by Troy Horne



This album was created thanks to all of your amazing support. It is my hope that you will find inspiration and motivation in every song. The lyrics of these musical creations are here to support you as you go about your day to day. Take a listen.

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Monsters Inside My Head EP


Everyone has them. This EP helps its listeners laugh in their (The Internal Monster’s) figurative faces. This is the prequel to the I AM album. You got to get rid of all of your stuff before you can grow and experience your greater yet to be. That is what this album is for.

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Music can change your life, make you happier, more confident and even teach you love of self. Learn how.

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