Hi, I’m Troy Horne

I have been a husband since 2002, a Dad since 2005 and an Entrepreneur since
2008. I have a masters in dading and a bachelors in entrepreneurship.
I am still working on my undergrad in marriage, but I make the honor roll
every once in a while. I can’t guarantee what I teach will work for you,
but I can guarantee that it will help you avoid some of the major
mistakes I made. To your success!


The Happy Dad Formula


Happiness starts with going back to the boy and introducing him to the man. They need each other and together they can move mountains.


Health is an essential part of the “Happy Dad” formula. As they say look good live good! Part of looking good is being healthy.


You are your own measure of success. Your goals are your goals. Remember that success is always on your terms.

My Services

Create a vision for your life

If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there. – Cheshire Cat Let’s decide where you are going and get you there too!

Create an efficient time management system

You can’t manage time you can only manage tasks. Time keeps going with our without you. Let’s figure out how to make the most of it!

Identify your values, strengths and goals

When is the last time that you sat down and took a look at your values, strengths and goals. If it wasn’t this morning it has been too long. Let’s fix that!

Establish work/life balance

Work/Life Balance doesn’t exist. Doing what you love instead of what you have been told you have to does. Let’s get a work/love what you’re doing balance.

Move past your blind spots

You can’t see your own blind spots. Seems obvious right? Well not at all. However, let’s get familiar with what your blind spots are and fix them.

Thrive in times of transition

The only thing certain is change, but did you know that change can be a rebirth and a chance to thrive? Let’s talk about how you can thrive in this ever-changing world.

Let Me Know How I Can Help You!

Beginner Courses For Dads


Time management

Make the most of the time you have

Reach Your Goals

Gain better finance management

Reach your objectives

Improve your relationships

Mater your business skills

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Be Your Own Boss

Define Your Objectives

Choose The Right Tools

Recognize Your Talents

Calculate Wisely

Make a Plan

Reach Your Goals

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The Business Master

Reach your objectives

Mater your business skills

Make a Plane

Recognize Your Talents

Better finance management

Choose The Right Tools

Book now 399$